Which Is the Best Place to Learn Reiki in Canada?

Reiki is a method of alternative medical practices that was first brought to the knowledge of the modern world by the famous Japanese Buddhist practitioner named Mikao Usui in the year of 1922. This particular type of medical treatment involves the belief that positive energy can be channeled to the patient’s body by the therapist using the technique of touching the patient’s body. It is believed that the natural resistance power within the body of human beings can be restored by this process and the emotional and physical wellness can be achieved by means of this.

What are the main features of a Reiki treatment?

The process of Reiki has been named after its originator, Mikao Usui. The energy that is tried to be transmitted within the body of the patient is considered to be the parts of universal energy, known as chi, prana, and qi. All of these energies are taken as being positive and the method of “movement and release” is used in order to cure the patient. It is actually a process of making an integration of the energy present within the patient’s body. This treatment has therapeutic effects on the physical, mental, and the emotional health of the patient.

Why Reiki has become famous in the western world?

Because of its capacity of delivering waves of happiness and tranquility in the patient’s mind, the popularity of Reiki has been increased rapidly in the western world since the last few decades. It actually aims to alleviate the pain of the patient by revitalizing the inner strength and confidence in him/her. It helps people to get rid of their stress and anxiety related problems and various other psychosomatic problems. Reiki in Canada has become particularly famous for the well-known Reiki training centers. Apart from taking the help of Reiki during the dark hours of illness, many people are now being interested in learning this unique process.

Notable Reiki training centers in Canada

In many areas in Canada, there are some highly acclaimed organizations that provide pedagogical help to people willing to learn Reiki. Our Reiki center in Manitoba is well-known for the highly skilled and experienced Reiki masters, who are there in charge of the Reiki lessons.

Apart from Manitoba, another place that has the branches of our organization is Winnipeg. Reiki learning in Winnipeg is largely carried out by our organization there.

Course of studies in a Reiki training

A comprehensive syllabus of a reiki training course includes the following things:

●      Usui/Holy Fire II ART/Master Certificate and Manual

●      Tour the Abby House  

●      Entrance and Ignition at the Chalice Well

●      Tour of Stonehenge

●      Walk the Tor

Accommodations and meals are provided during the courses. Special attentions are given to the dietary habit of the learners or the trainees as this also has a powerful effect on the process of learning.

Time required for these Reiki lessons

One lesson of a Reiki training course takes approximately one and half an hour of time to be completed properly. Utmost care is taken for the trainees by the Reiki masters during the lessons.

Visit the official website of our organization to know more. Avail the opportunity of a comprehensive Reiki training course and become a famous Reikimaster in your locality.