Reiki Sessions

      Reiki Sessions will take place at Angels Among Us Reiki Retreat centre just outside of Winnipeg is the small town of Garson, MB located 15 mins north of the city. Before a Reiki Session begins, Carol J. Robinson will take 30 minutes to open the clients Energy Meridians with the practice of a short Holy Fire Healing Experience "Meditation", this helps to identify and choose what issues and fears to release allowing Carol and the client to accurately focus on empower their dreams, desires and enrich their lives. The Experience brings forth high vibrational frequencies, a Healing Energy, resulting in a deep state relaxation, perpetuating  a stronger energy receptiveness experience. 

      A Reiki Healing typically spans approximately 1.5 hours or finishing at the discretion of either the Reiki Master or client. Carol J. Robinson uses relaxing music during her Reiki Sessions and performs the Healing on a standard massage table with the client fully clothed lying on their back.
      Following the Reiki Session a quartz crystal bowl sound attunement will help rebalance the chakra energies as well offering a glass of Healing Sacred Water from the natural underground spring at the AAUR centre property.

Reiki Session Price:
    $70 Individual 1.5-Hour