A New Year, A New Institute for Reiki Healing

     This is my first time blogging. I am so excited to talk about my new home in Garson, MB and how this ground supports the official launching of Angels Among Us Reiki Institute. Situated on a magical, sacred property, surrounded with water energy, literally, that flows beneath making its way to the earths surface, in one of the many watering holes on my property. As AAUR Institute development unfolds with the support of the universe, I will offer drumming circles, and crystal bowl gatherings, nutritional advice and guidance, Yin yoga, dowsing rods, sacred land and water meditations. Plans for a floating dock to engage is sacred drumming and sound healing, meditations to help heal Gaia and ourselves. The future of Reiki in uniseq with a robust well rounded lifestyle will elevate the understanding and strength of healing oneself and others.  AAUR Institute, join us today, choose a healthy unfoldment of your life, to help heal, spread love and joy.
      Classes will begin with Yin Yoga, opening awareness discussions, clearing of negative attachments and energies and basic importance of following a creative routine as the day calls for. Classes will also include information on eating, living, thinking, speaking a healthy diet, using different divination devises, and Shamanic journeying. For we are not static in this multiverse and as such we should conintously grow and expand our awareness accordingly !