Yin Yoga

     The Practice of Yin Yoga originated out of Daoist yoga. A style of yoga targeting the deep connective tissues of the body including the fascia that covers the body; “Daoist” yoga helps to regulate the flow of energy in the body. Yin primarily targets the connective tissues include the hips, thighs and lower spinal area that when consistently practiced will cultivating an inner state of equilibrium, peace, Love & Gratitude. 

    Postures are held for five minutes or longer this help breaking down the ego domination of the mind, helping to conjoin your Body, Mind and Spirit in harmony. A gradually increase in hold time will unfold during an on going regular practice.
    Benefits Yin Yoga practice include and not limited to, slowed signs of aging, reduction of stress, improved stamina, long focus during meditation, increased strength, regulation of spiritual energy (Chi, QI, Prana), deeper relaxation, flexibility in connective tissue, fluidity in the joints, weight loss and boost the immune system for faster healing.
    Angels Among Us Reiki Retreat offers Yin Yoga for all experience levels, no previous experience is required. Carol teaches in a non-judgemental environment surrounded by pools of sacred natural underground spring water. 

Mats, Bolsters, Straps and Blankets available for use.

Starting September 11th for 10 Weeks

Time 6:30 - 7:45

Dates: Sept 11, 18, 25 Oct 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Nov 6, 13th

Yin Yoga Price:
    $10 per drop in class
    $90 for ten weeks of classes