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The Healing Angels of the Energy Field

Learn how to invited the Angels to help you on your Self-Healing Spiritual Journey.

This one day workshop helps you to connect with the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field. Angels must be invited to join us and you will learn the prayer of invitation for each one to join you, the prayers of protection and intent. Each of the nine angels will work with clearing energy blockages from the Human Energy Field in one of the cellular memory area.

If you have been guided to work with Angels this is the workshop to get you started on your journey and a must have to continue on to Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) training.

Workshop includes: Manual, Quick reference sheet and Certificate from the Center of Being, Inc.(Integrated Energy Therapy)

: snacks and lunch

Cost for the one day workshop: $75.

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to Nov 10

Integrated Energy Therapy Training Basic, Intermediate & Advanced

Come accelerate your spiritual growth by learning to connect and work with the Angels to enhance your therapy sessions.

You will receive an attunement at each session that will permanently open your energy field to the power of Integrated Energy Ray.

Each level is one full day and includes a manual, quick reference guide and certificate for each level, as well as registration with the Centre of Being.

Nutritious snacks and lunch are provided each day

Cost of each level is $200 for a total of $600

For more information please contact me:

Phone: 204 299-0302


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