Holy Fire Experiences “Meditations”

      Each of the five different Experiences with Angels Among Us Reiki is approximately 1.5-2 hours depending on the group, private 1-on-1 session are available. Holy Fire Experience will allow for healing and releasing negative fear based energies including traumatic experiences and/or strengthen the spiritual bond to their higher selves allowing for self-development, self-love and self-discovery. There are five different Experiences that will continuously be offered on a rotating basis, you may choose to join any Experience in any order. 

Each Experiences last 1.5-2 Hours: 
       Holy Love I - To feel Divine Love
       Holy Fire II - To heal past experience
       Holy Fire III – Journey to your time of conception to heal ancestral issue
       Heavenly Banquet Hall – Visit the Third Heaven
       Holy Fire Healing - Remove negativity & Fear or empower goals

1 HF Experiences Pricing:
    $10/pp  Group 3+
    $15/pp  Private